Perfect Combination Pore Refiner

The Pore Refiner regulates excessive sebum production, mattifying the skin with a lasting effect.

This facial treatment lotion has a very light consistency and is perfect for combination and oily skin.

The Pore Refiner can be used as a 24-hour lotion or as an additional treatment to your daily routine.
R 1211,00

Contents: 50 ml

Refines the pores

Complexion appears fine and even

Balancing and intensively mattifying

Perfect for combination and oily skin


Result: Refines the pores for a visible, balanced, even and matt appearance.


Active Ingredients:

Alpine stem cells: DNA protection, preventative protection against light-induced skin aging

OsmoTec: Catalyst, optimizes the processing of active ingredients in the cells

Lentil extract: Mattifying effect

Sebucon: Active complex with milk peptides, glutamic acid, cysteine and vitamins: reduces the sebum flow within oily areas of skin by up to 50% and minimizes the pores. Moisturizes and improves the sebum flow in dry areas.

Hamamelis : Refines the pores

Rice starch: Mattifying effect

Gluco-Oligosaccharide: Balances the bacteria flora on the skin

Sorrel extract: Balances sebum flow

Panthenol: Provides moisture

Almond oil: Softens the skin