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Developed with passion over ten years of research and development, the eyeSlices® technology delivers real results and really works! Our products not only target specific symptoms effectively, but also give you me-time and pampering benefits that help you de-stress! We term our technology “Cryogel” which means “to freeze”. This, the only stable waterbased hydrogel globally, is manufactured through a non-toxic, physical process of freezing and thawing.You will find it refreshing to use, soothing to the eye area, and relaxing.

We are sure that when you first try eyeSlices® you will fall asleep with them on. This i s not a problem because our products are proven safe to use.You only need 5 minutes to use eyeSlices® in order to see and feel the difference. So why not be a part of our technology journey to help you relax, restore and revive your eyes, so that you can enjoy your life in style!

EyeSlices® Eye Masks Professional Eye Gels Reduce:

  • Dark Circles – 32%
  • Wrinkles – 35%
  • Puffiness – 35%
  • Redness and Tiredness – 32%
  • Keeps your skin hydrated for 72 hours

How to Use Eyeslices Professional

eyeSlices® can be used anywhere, anytime – as a morning wake-up call or evening relaxation treat. Use once a day for best results. Cleanse and dry your skin. Remove the slices from all its packaging. Dab off excess moisture and place slices over closed eyes. Gently press the slices to fit into the eye contours and relax for 5 minutes while your eyeSlices® do all the work. After use, place your slices back into the original container & clam shell and seal tightly for re-use. Wipe off excess on the skin with a moist cloth if necessary.