Lemongrass & Lilly

R 320,00

The subtly fluorescent tones of ambient yellow in this WoodWick candle imitate freshly dew soaked fields of Lemongrass, immersed in a sweet yet natural aroma. Flurries of citrus bursts fragilely intertwine within the calming scent of fresh lily flowers, producing a refreshingly relaxing ambience and inspiring thoughts of lying in fields of blooming florals and ripened fruits in the cooling sunset of the Spanish valleys.

Medium Hourglass Woodwick® Candles fill your home with the soft crackle and inviting scents and a natural wooden wick that Crackles as it Burns™. The soothing crackle of a WoodWick® candle is created by a patented PLUSWICK® technology, designed to ensure a safe and consistent crackle experience for faster fragrance and a better burn while fragrancing your home with the soothing sound of a crackling fire. (3.88" x 4.5")

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