Lemongrass & Lilly Hearthwick

R 450,00

The subtly fluorescent tones of ambient yellow in this WoodWick candle imitate freshly dew soaked fields of Lemongrass, immersed in a sweet yet natural aroma. Flurries of citrus bursts fragilely intertwine within the calming scent of fresh lily flowers, producing a refreshingly relaxing ambience and inspiring thoughts of lying in fields of blooming florals and ripened fruits in the cooling sunset of the Spanish valleys. The mellowed citrus scent is complimented by the unique shape of the candle holder, which is an elegant oval piece made of sturdy glass.

This candle uses a wick made from organic wood which burns with the sound of a crackling fire, creating a sense of total relaxation. This WoodWick Hearthwick candle features a ‘honeycomb’ lattice wooden wick, which fills your room with fragrance five times quicker than the average cotton wick and provides a cleaner burn that doesn't leave any messy residue on the sides of the candle jar.

This candle has a total burning time of 80-100 hours, and its thick wooden lid is designed to be used as a base when the candle is in use.

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