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2018-05-07, 14:31
Just wanted to say jzkl once again u did an excellent job by piercing me daughter's ear it is so perfect and looks stunning my hubby and I are very happy and greatful and really love it
2018-01-24, 14:53
Thanks skin feels amazing
2017-11-20, 22:54
Already using my Nova Nail Polish. It's so nice!!
2017-11-20, 22:49
Slmz Howzit My skin looks amazing
2017-11-17, 09:17
Just wanted to say thank you so much for such fast delivery.
2017-03-28, 10:23
If I didn’t say I love this Argan Oil I would be lying. I have been testing it out extensively over the past few months and the results are mind boggling!
2017-01-19, 13:56
Slm aysha...just dropping a small note to say mariam doing ok alhamd and she luks so cute with the earings mashallah.
Zahraa Mall
2016-12-13, 09:34
Slmz Aisha! Jzk for the socks n car jar, my hubby was so impressed today when he smelled his car. So now I need one for my own!
2016-09-19, 15:23
Effecient as always
Tasneem Ramadaan
2016-09-19, 15:20
I received my prize yesterday. It's lovely
2016-09-06, 13:54
Just msgn to tell u that (after my Babor facial) my skin feels n looks lovely. My sister even really noticed the difference...she'll be contacting u soon lol
Hawa Bibi
2016-06-12, 22:48
Would just like to say jazak Allah so much for convincing me to buy the argan oil and Babor set, my skin feels so much better... I actually look forward to my cleansing routine every day....hope u have a lovely day....lots love hawabibi
2016-06-01, 21:06
Thank You for being so lovely and the great service u always give.. Xoxo
2016-06-01, 20:31
I absolutely love my make up eraser. It's my favorite thing. Cannot do without it
2016-03-02, 10:10
Started using the Babor products and the Vitamin C serum and alhamdulillah there's such a major improvement. The products are wonderful.
2016-02-16, 13:44
Jzkl soo much ...The brush egg is amazing!!
2016-02-09, 18:01
Amazing facial, jzk
2016-01-05, 11:03
Thnx so much for all ur help and exceptional customer service.. Will def be ordering more Yankee's from u again xoxo keep well
Safiyyah Mather
2015-12-17, 09:23
Thank you for the prompt service.
I simply love the lavender lemon and the vent sticks. Can't wait to try out the rest of my order.
2015-12-08, 12:01
Omg I love the Senses Pin Box thank you so much
2015-09-02, 14:08
Wow, thanks Aisha. Amazing Service!
Faatimah ebrahim
2015-08-24, 00:45
So extremely happy with my purchases of the mamamio products that I can't wait to buy the next lot. Not only does the double buff leave my skin feeling soft and ingrown free, it smells amazing too.
2015-07-26, 22:07
Jzk for such efficient service... once again :) The Yankee air vents are heavenly!
2015-03-27, 10:48
I received my brush eggs on Friday – thank you so much for the super quick service!!

Used mine yesterday and I swear my brushes have never been so clean! I am in love!!
2015-03-19, 13:15
Thank you so much for making shopping online so easy and convenient!
2015-03-02, 13:53
I just received the EOS, it's amazing thank you so much
2015-02-23, 13:14
Aaisha I love th brush egg!! Makes it so much easier to clean my brushes and it makes it so much more fun! Thank you.
2015-02-16, 18:14
Thanks so so much!! I adore the brush egg!!!! It's SOO amazing I'm uhhhbsessed!! I absolutely love senses ... makes my heart smile!!!!
2015-02-06, 21:14
You are so sweet. I think you've just become my beautician!
2015-02-06, 21:06
Ive tried the konjac sponge already and my face feels pretty good. It was easy to use and i massaged just like you showed me !
2015-02-06, 21:00
Life of a Lenasian who seriously misses her beautician
2015-02-06, 20:51
It was lovely meeting you today. I'm amazed that I have not put anything on my lips since I put on the eos at your place!!! It's incredible! I need more!
2014-12-31, 23:47
Ѡhєη it comes to beauty there should be no compromise....because as a woman your body gets drained..skin and hair suffer and we somehow forget that to feel beautiful is a bounty most needed!!!! I love senses for that reason....they cater for all kinds of woman and all kinds of SȊ̝̊†υαtĩσήs...from unsightly hair removal to romantic ....mood setting candles...which anyone and everyone can enjoy.the hospitality makes it easier for any class!!! From a house wife to an entrepreneur. I really love Senses as °̩'m a strong supporter of Pampering, revitalising ,rejuvenating and awakening your senses.
2014-12-31, 21:15
I think u awesome
2014-12-27, 16:18
The products that you carry look amazing, I've spoken to you guys on a few occasions regarding products and I've found you to be extremely helpful.. Wish there was a senses beauty salon in Durban but I will definitely be visiting you guys soon in Pretoria.. Would love to win a Yankee Candle to start my collection
2014-11-28, 21:21
I am very happy with the results of my ellipse hair removal treatments, and my BABOR facials were awesome. I am very happy with my products and my skin looks amazing. The atmosphere at senses is so beautiful and you just want to go back again and again and again, because the beautician is so welcoming and lovable.
2014-11-24, 11:16
I have always had an issue with facial hair and people not waxing properly. However being a new customer of senses I truly felt that my needs were taken care of and it's been 3 weeks and my hair has not grown yet! Besides the wonderful treatment I emphasise on the atmosphere given within the salon as it gave me a calming effect which was also on a day where I was extremely stressed out. Overall I rate senses to be the top salon I've ever been to and I'd recommend anyone to experience this magnificent salon.
2014-11-19, 23:29
Aisha is what makes senses beauty salon the successful. She is the sweetest and most helpful consultant. Speaking from experience I know I can always bbm Aisha to trouble her about request about her products and I get an efficent and helpful response. Senses Beauty Salon is truly Jannat in a Salon ;) I bet each and every girl must own atleast ONE product from the salon. They bring us such a huge variety. Big brand names at such affordable prices is fantastic for a teenagers pocket. Thanks so much for enhancing the beauty of our nation Senses Beauty Salon ! :D much love :* ;) Tasneem
2014-11-19, 19:14
Would like to compliment senses for the excellent results I have attained with my laser treatments "no more painful waxing no more hair" thank you Senses therapist , mwah .
Tarynne Koopman
2014-11-19, 09:51
Love senses salon!!!!i firstly love the pristine modern salon and affordable prices.The products are the best.I adore the amazing smelling products and wish i could have everything!
2014-11-18, 06:50
Love how professional the beauty therapist is,and that they take inconsideration my request and needs!love how the salon looks and the relaxed atmosphere..I would definitely recomand senses beauty salon to all women
2014-11-17, 15:09
Highly recommended with amazing results!!!The beautiful therapist listens, gives the best beauty advice and always has your "beauty's" best interest in mind. Her work ethics come from the fact that she truly loves her job and it shows. Professionalism on another level. Senses Beauty Salon is definitely a winner.

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