Professional Skin Analysis-Know the skin you’re in.

20 minutes   R290  


Express Cleanse- Turn your everyday into something special with our Bi-phase cleansers. Experience the difference in just 30 minutes with our luxurious cleansing ritual. A solution for all skin types. Cleanse, hydrate and maintain youthful skin.

30 minutes   R390


Babor Pure-...for oily/blemished skin.

Teen Clean                                   

40 minutes   R490

Glamour Girl (including ampoule)            

50 minutes   R550

Beautiful Babe (including ampoule plus eye slices)                        

60 minutes   R590


SKINOVAGE with Epigenetics- Age Prevention Skincare System. Individual. Precise.

On the Run                                                        40 minutes   R590

…for a clear glowing complexion  

 Me Time (including ampoule)                              60 minutes   R650

…for a radiant, beautiful skin tone

 New You (including clay mask & ampoule)           60 minutes   R690

…for an intense detoxifying treatment


Spoil Me Crazy- Senses Signature Facial

…for a treat so sweet, you will glow for the rest of the week

This treatment includes a professional skin analysis, an active beauty ampoule, lip & eye treatment & facial massage

70 minutes   R690

Quick Fix AHA Peeling                                                                       40 minutes   R800

(fruit acid peel, with 30% glycolic acid)

…for a refined and brighter complexion


Blemish Free Me                                                                                40 minutes   R800                                               (fruit acid peel plus purity cellular treatment)

…for effectively reducing blemishes and spots


Pamper Me Much                                                                              60 minutes   R950

(fruit acid peel plus ultimate Vitamin C booster treatment)

…for boosting your skins collagen productions, protecting it from signs of ageing. The alternative to anti-wrinkle injections

 For skin in need of comfort

Gorgeous Glow Facial                                                                                             70 minutes   R690



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